IT Strategy & Planning

Today, every business is becoming a software business. Information technology is increasingly moving from being a support function to a strategic function. Yet, in many enterprises, IT and business functions are not well aligned. Alignment is a “process” that has to be continuously managed because changes in business direction can create dissonance between business needs and the provided IT services.

Nfinity provides a suite of services that help enterprises alleviate the gaps between business strategy and IT delivery.

Our expertise can be leveraged in two unique ways...


Our IT strategy consultants have expertise and experience working in both business functions and IT, and Nfinity has delivered many IT strategy development projects for enterprises in a diverse set of industries. We bring a unique perspective to your IT strategy development.

The process we follow to develop your IT strategy has multiple phases, as identified and described below:

Understand Your Business Strategy
The first phase of our engagement involves understanding the business strategy of your organization. This includes understanding your organization’s current market position, short- and long-term goals, and major initiatives to achieve these goals. We glean this information through industry research, face-to-face interviews with your business leaders, and other third-party sources.
Current State Analysis of IT
The second phase involves thoroughly understanding the current state of your IT function. This includes an assessment of your current IT environment, including your data centers, networks, equipment, and applications portfolio, understanding how your budget is being allocated, your use of outsourcing service providers, and finally your stated IT strategy, short- and long-terms goals, and major initiatives.
Interview IT Customers
In this third phase, we will conduct one-on-one interviews with your major customers (typically, leaders of other business functions) to understand their major points of concern with IT services delivery.
IT Strategy Workshops
In this phase, we analyze the information we obtain from the first three phases and present our initial insights to your IT leadership team through a series of workshops. These workshops are meant to be interactive so that the initial insights can be molded and solidified into a cohesive set of recommendations that will be included as a part of the next phase.
Strategic Roadmap Development
In the final stage we present a story of the history of your business, your current state and market position, your business strategy, and your IT functional alignment. The final deliverable will be a strategic IT roadmap that will be better aligned with your organization’s business strategy. This roadmap will define the desired future state, the major IT initiatives and their implementation priorities, summary descriptions with budgetary estimates for each of the major initiatives, and the execution timelines.


Instead of a single large engagement helping you develop your overall IT strategy, we offer you specific services, including, but not limited to the ones described below.

Cloud Strategy
We will help you develop a cloud strategy that is well-aligned with your business strategy to create a compelling target end-state, identify the costs and benefits to make a business case, develop a clear roadmap to deliver the end-state, and identify the associated organizational changes and skills needed to achieve the desired end-state.
Emerging Technology Assessments
New and emerging technologies can help you cut costs and/or create new products that can drive growth. We will work with you to assess the benefits and negative impact of new and emerging technologies on your business.
IT Sourcing Strategy
Whether you are looking into your IT sourcing strategy due to dissatisfaction of business stakeholders with your IT services delivery, because you need to better align IT with changes in business direction, or for any other reason, we can help. We will understand your business strategy, assess your sourcing objectives, recommend the right sourcing model(s), develop a sourcing plan, and help you as needed to execute the sourcing plan.
IT Shared Services Strategy
To succeed at shared services, the corporate IT group has to earn the position of “vendor of choice” by serving its internal customers and delivering great value with a high degree of customer focus. Working with you, we will develop an IT shared services strategy that will achieve your cost-cutting and innovation objectives.
Demand & Portfolio Management
A key objective of Portfolio Management should be to balance limited resource availability with the ever-increasing demand for those resources. Our services will help you develop the right set of processes and organizational structures that will help manage your demand with your supply.
Cost Optimization
As CIOs shift their focus from cost reduction to preparing for growth, an effective IT Cost Optimization program is essential for ensuring strategic initiatives can be supported while funding remains constrained. We will work with you to come up with the right cost optimization plan.


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