Emerging Technologies

New technologies, such as blockchain and augmented / virtual reality, are rapidly reshaping our world and evolving at an unprecedented rate. We help you harness these cutting-edge technologies to boost business performance.

We work with you to research, co-create, prototype, test, and deploy new services and solutions that are powered by the latest technological advances.



Emerging technology strategy needs to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. We track emerging technologies to help you evaluate the business impact and commercial viability of the latest technological advances.


Nfinity Labs works with you to demonstrate potential use of emerging technologies for your business. Together, we’ll explore new technologies, try innovative ideas, and find the potential to rethink the way you do business.


Nfinity development team rapidly explores and develops prototypes and POCs to produce your minimum lovable product (MLP) for challenging business problems.

Our expertise and experience span the following areas


A blockchain is a distributed and decentralized ledger that records all transactions being executed. All cryptocurrencies have their own blockchains which record transactions of either tokens or coins between two parties.

Smart contracts simplify a complex transaction and make it automatic using blockchain. The result is a method by which parties can both agree upon terms and trust the matter will be executed automatically, with reduced risk of error or manipulation. All parties involved in a shared transaction have a shared ledger (blockchain) to record transactions, and they can implement transactions without relying on a third-party intermediary. This alleviates the need to maintain separate ledgers and databases.

Over the past few years we have built competencies and expertise in blockchain technologies and have helped several clients in this domain.

Our capabilities include:
  • Design, development, testing & training of blockchain solutions
  • Smart contract development
  • Integration and management of third party implementation partners
  • Cryptocurrency security and trading software development


AR and VR are widely used in gaming, engineering, and customer support industries, and will continue to innovate for a long time. Gaming will further continue to drive broader adoption of augmented and virtual reality, and open new markets. Retail and Education will follow as AR and VR technologies become more available. Brands too will increasingly apply AR and VR to virtual advertising and social placement as early applications of the technology.

General Visualization:

Data, Molecular, Architectural, Weather

Training & Education:

Teaching pilots to fly, military simulation, immersive education, and medical procedures

Virtual Commerce:

Retail virtual fittings, in-home furniture placement, automotive configurators, and virtual product manuals


Are you unsure of where to begin, or skeptical about the impact of emerging technologies?

We offer a low risk, proof-of-concept program that can be delivered at-cost to quickly pilot a solution and evaluate the impact on your business. Contact us to learn more about the program and evaluate if it is the right fit for your company.

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